Criminal Investigations

Our detectives are responsible for successful resolutions on criminal investigations in Warren County – including narcotics enforcement and related cases, felonies such as burglaries, rapes, robberies, murders, major assaults, child abuse, child pornography, working with county, state and federal prosecutors in the proactive pursuit of justice.

Warren County Sheriff’s Office operates in cooperation with federal and state agencies. But our positive outcomes are due in great part to tremendous cooperation with local law enforcement agencies such as the Bowling Green-Warren County Drug Task Force, Kentucky State Police, Western Kentucky University Campus Police, Bowling Green Police Department, Smiths Grove and Woodburn Police Departments, and Warren County Regional Jail, and a host of other organizations with whom we have a relationship of mutual aid and support; many of which are accessible in our Warren County Sheriff’s links.

In all criminal investigations, Warren County Sheriff’s Detectives are mindful that every investigation has the potential to create a more secure community.

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