Vehicle Inspection

Inspection Hours:

8:00 AM TO 4:30 PM

For a vehicle inspection at the Sheriff’s Office, you need:

  • The vehicle must be present and roadworthy
  • No Breakage in windshield
  • Odometer showing mileage
  • All mirrors in place
  • Title (Certificate of title) or a certified copy of the title – Not Registration
  • VIN number on vehicle must match title
  • Valid driver’s license not an instructor’s permit (See notes below referencing motorcycle inspections)
  • The inspector may also check the vehicle for all safety features including, but not limited to: lights, wipers, horn, turn signals, glass for obstructions, brakes, and more.
  • $5.00 fee – cash, check, debit/credit card (There is a $1.50 charge for using a credit or debit card)

Parking Requirements for vehicle inspections:

  • BB&T Bank and the sheriff have a mutual agreement that the sheriff office will not inspect vehicles parked in the BB&T parking lot, which is located on 10th street. If parked there, you will be required to move the vehicle before we conduct the inspection.
  • We ask that you park as close as possible to the old courthouse on the 10th street side, or the college street side. We appreciate your cooperation, and we realize that some days are more difficult than others to find parking.

Frequently asked vehicle inspection questions:

What if I don't have a title?

Contact the Warren County Clerk’s Office, located at 429 E. 10th Street, also housed in the old courthouse. Next, you will visit the out-of-state clerk’s office in the basement to complete the titling process, where they will request the original title on your behalf.

Do you need my insurance card?

Not for the inspection. But the clerk’s office needs an insurance card to register or transfer vehicles.

May I use a driver's permit?

No, valid operator’s license is needed when inspecting a car or truck. However, when having a motorcycle inspected, a motorcycle operator’s license or permit is acceptable.

Does my vehicle have to brought to the sheriff's office?

If you come to the office for an inspection, yes, then your vehicle must be present. But if you prefer that a deputy come to your location to inspect the vehicle, contact telecommunications to arrange for a deputy to be dispatched. We will try and complete this inspection as quickly as possible, however, the patrol deputies work the inspection in between their routine and emergency calls for service.

What is the cost if a deputy inspects the vehicle at your location?

A trip fee of $10.00, plus $5.00 for the inspection – A total fee of $15.00. If paying cash, please have the exact amount, as the deputy does not carry change.

With motorcycles, are the requirements the same?

Yes, but with a motorcycle, the VIN number must be found not only on a sticker but also stamped on the frame. (Be advised that when inspecting a motorcycle, a motorcycle permit or operator’s license is acceptable.)

Can I get my vehicle inspection in all types of weather?

Yes. Yet in torrential rain, lighting, or other potentially dangerous weather conditions, the inspection may be slightly delayed.

Where is the vehicle identification number located?

The vehicle identification number, commonly referred to as the VIN number is located on late model vehicles on the dashboard and should be clearly visible. Please assist the inspector by having the area free of debris, papers and etc. Older vehicles and classic cars will have their VIN numbers located somewhere else on the vehicle other than the dashboard. Before arriving at the office or having a sheriff’s deputy at your location, please locate the VIN number and make sure it matches your certificate of title.