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▸ FAQ: Taxes

The Office of the Warren County Sheriff, as established in Kentucky law by KRS 134.140 and 160.500, is the collector of all state, county, school, and district taxes derived from assessed real, tangible, and intangible properties. The office is then responsible for the distribution of tax collections to the appropriate taxing authority or jurisdiction.

2021 County Property Tax Deadlines Extended!!

The Department of Revenue and the Warren County Fiscal Court have approved the extension of face value property tax collection through the end of March of 2022. The new deadlines are as follows:
Face value until March 31, 2022
5% Penalty April 1 through April 30, 2022
21% Penalty May 1 through June 15, 2022
Delinquent property taxes will be turned over to the Clerk’s Office after the close of business on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

Payment Information

There is a charge of $1.50 for credit/debit card payments $60.00 and under, or 2.49% for payments $60.01 and higher.

There is a charge of $1.50 per transaction for all ACH/e-check payments.

Payment information is updated after 7:00pm each business day. For example, if payment is made Friday, the website will not reflect this payment until after 7:00pm Monday.