Dubbed the “lifeline” of law enforcement, the Telecommunications Center at Warren County Sheriff’s Office is precisely that – an immediate, 24-hour connection for the citizen and the responder to an expert telecommunicator  – whenever the need for law enforcement service arises.  The WCSO Telecommunications Center functions under the authority of the Sheriff, providing communications and dispatch for law enforcement and emergency management agencies in Warren County, Kentucky.  The center delivers the most timely, effective, and efficient response to every life and/or property-threatening emergency occurring within the county.

Telecommunicators are the consummate multi-taskers; simultaneously taking calls for service, maintaining radio contact with deputies for their safety and support in the field, continuously updating the WCSO databases, while conducting a time-sensitive search on a possibly dangerous subject. No surprise, these professionals have earned the name “behind the scenes heroes.” As with the WCSO patrol division, the mission of the telecommunications center is to protect the welfare of the citizens of Warren County. In fact, telecommunicators receive training similar to sworn deputies. Appropriate preparation, since calls for service for our agency include, but are not limited to: Injury and non-injury collisions, burglaries, thefts, domestics, alarms, criminal mischief, suicides, sexual abuse cases, missing persons, bomb threats, harassment, assaults, fights, weather emergencies, civil complaints, and drug complaints.

When calling Warren County Sheriff’s Office, supplying the location and nature of the concern, the urgency, suspect(s) info, weapons/drugs/alcohol involved, and a make, model, color, type, year and license of vehicle and its departing direction, is incredibly helpful to us in helping you. WCSD Communications maintains service requests for the BG/WC Rescue Squad, including cave rescues, drownings, over-due/ missing persons, water rescue, special incidents, and other calls for their specialized assistance. WCSO Communications provide radio contact, records, and CJIS information for Smiths Grove Police and Woodburn Police.

Our telecommunicators are required to graduate from Telecommunications Academy at the Department of Criminal Justice Training in Richmond, Kentucky, within the first year of employment, and to complete a CJIS in-service, along with an in-service course related to Homeland Security, implemented by the federal government. Besides the Kentucky Telecommunicator Certification, we also strive to certify telecommunications personnel in other areas, such as our certified Telecommunications Supervisors, certified Terminal Agency Coordinators, and Telecommunications Training Officers. In emergency and non-emergency circumstances, Warren County Sheriff’s Office Telecommunicators serve their fellow citizens with clarity, with competency, and with sensitivity to their particular needs.