Our Mission

The mission of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office is the assurance of citizen and responder safety, and the delivery of superlative civil and non-emergency services.

We pursue the mission vision through comprehensive crime prevention, illegal incident intervention, equitable enforcement of county ordinances and state statutes, as well as with diverse citizen support and educational programs.

Our mission is achieved/championed/sustained by Warren County Sheriff’s daily adherence to the following core principles:

• Emergency/disaster preparedness
• Community-oriented-policing developed through trust-earning and integrity
• Multi-agency cooperation and mutual aid
• Seeking the eradication of child, domestic and senior abuse, neglect and exploitation
• Safeguarding schools in Warren County with every available resource
• Dismantling drug trafficking via incisive highway and street interdiction
• Disbanding theft operations utilizing investigation techniques and area cooperation
• Heightening highway safety through continuous traffic enforcement
• Apprehension of the criminal element
• Education of our citizenry through the Sheriff’s Citizens Academy Program, Neighborhood Watch, Reach for Your Dreams Youth Program, and the Triad Program for Seniors
• Remaining responsive to the community, and expanding our services to meet ever-changing needs

We encourage every resident to take ownership in creating an environment where safety, liberty and opportunity are realities in Warren County, for that is the realization of the mission of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.