Records Section

At the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, the Records Section is the chronicler of law enforcement activity, accurately maintaining thousands of annual case and collision reports, in addition to compiling the hundred of daily activities performed by sheriff’s office deputies. Both deputies and citizens turn to this section for assistance. For optimum community safety, records clerks enter active Emergency Protection Orders and Domestic Violence Orders for immediate service, with copies of all EPOs and DVOs housed in this section.

We realize some days can be challenging, and we are here to assist you with those challenges. And we also understand that sometimes, you simply want to obtain a copy of a report. (Offense/incident/collision reports are typically available within 10 days to the persons involved and/or insurance agencies, for a $3.00 fee, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. An ongoing investigation is the exception to this availability.)

The open records form attached above can be filled out online and emailed to

**View Collision reports may be obtained via the web at Buy Crash for your convenience.  There is also a link on the LINKS section of our website.  The charge for the report on this website is $10.00 and it allows you to print the report immediately. Call the Records Section with any questions at 270-842-1633.**

Circuit and District Warrants are entered into the system as soon as received, and WCSO deputies attempt to locate the subject and serve them typically the same day. Multiple transportation orders for county prisoners are also coordinated through WCSO Records, as well as the records of the Felony Warrants Section. WCSO Records assists Warren County Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons applicants, and then forwards applications to Kentucky State Police’s CCDW Division for a seven-phase background check.  Upon receipt of approved applicants’ licenses, our clerks disburse the CCDW licenses to the county’s residents. In 2009 alone, our records department processed thousands of Conceal Carry Deadly Weapons transactions.

In another measure to keep our community and children safe, records clerks conduct background checks on all employees, volunteer coaches and assistants of the Bowling Green/Warren County Parks and Recreation Department, significant since these individuals interact with our youth on a daily basis. In the Records Section, accuracy and attention to detail are essential. But equally important is an attention to and respect for the person at our counter.  Each individual who enters the office with a need for service is promptly and efficiently assisted by competent, understanding clerks.