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What if I haven't received a tax bill?

If you have not received your tax bill, please print one from the tax inquiry page or contact our office and a duplicate bill will be sent to you promptly.  Our phone number is (270) 842-1633.

I received a statement on my tax bill saying my bill was sent to my mortgage company. Do I have to pay this?

This notification on your tax bill indicates a mortgage company has requested to receive a copy of your tax bill.  If you’re unsure if your mortgage company will be paying your taxes, you should contact your mortgage company immediately.

Where and how may I make a payment?

A:  The preferred method of payment is to mail a check or money order to:

Warren County Sheriff’s Office
P. O. Box 807
Bowling Green, KY 42102
Phone:  270-842-1633

B: You may also bring your payment in person to:

Warren County Sheriff’s Office
Warren County Courthouse
429 East Tenth Street, Suite 102
Bowling Green, KY 42101

C: Online Bill Payment is now available via the Warren County Sheriff’s website by clicking the Taxes tab, choosing Tax Inquiry, finding your bill, clicking the “pay online” link, and then entering your payment information. For Credit/Debit Transactions is a charge of $1.50 for payments $60.00 and under, or 2.49% for payments $60.01 and higher. For ACH/e-check transactions, there is a $1.50 charge per payment.

With additional questions, please call the Sheriff’s Office at (270) 842-1633,
and ask for a Tax Clerk.

Why is my bill not showing paid after I made my online credit card payment?

Payment information is updated after 7:00 PM each business day.  For example, if payment is made Friday, the website will not reflect this payment until after 7:00 PM Monday.

Can I make payments on my tax bill?

No, the statutes do not allow partial payments to be made on current year tax collections.

May I pay multiple bills with one payment?

Yes, as long as you attach a copy of the bills in which you are paying so that we may apply the money to each bill promptly (in office or by mail only).

Will I receive a receipt for my tax payment?

Your canceled check or money order stub will be your receipt. Our office can send you a receipt if you send a stamped, self addressed envelope with your payment.  You may also print a receipt from this website using the Tax Inquiry page.

What is the official tax year?

2% Discount  —    Oct 1 through Nov 1

Face Value      —    Nov 2 through Dec 31

5% Penalty     —   Jan 1 through Jan 31

21% Penalty   —   Feb 1 through April 15

What do I do with my tax bill if it is for a house I sold?

Please forward that tax bill to the new owner at your prior address.

To whom do I pay delinquent taxes for prior tax years?

You will need to contact the Warren County Clerk’s office in order to obtain the payoff amount on any delinquent prior year tax bill. The office number is (270) 842-1633, Ext 101.

Who pays the taxes on the property that I bought or sold during the year?

Kentucky law requires the tax bill to be issued in the name of the January 1st owner. If the house has been sold or transferred after January 1st, the bills are normally sent in care of the new owner. However, for sales or transfers close to the date the tax bills are printed, time may be inadequate to update this information.

As explained above, the tax bill covers the period of a calendar year. Therefore, a closing agent or attorney will usually calculate and collect the pro-rated taxes due from each party at closing. In some cases, the agent or attorney will then pay the bill to the Sheriff. In other cases, the buyer or seller may receive a credit on the settlement statement but will then be responsible for paying the bill to the Sheriff.

Please check with your closing agent or attorney for instructions on your responsibility. Also note that our office requires payment in full of the tax bill by one or both of the parties; we cannot accept prorated payments.

What if my check is returned for insufficient funds?

A fee of $25.00 is applied for a returned check. Also, when you resend your payment, additional penalties may apply, based on the late payment schedule on your bill.

What are, and to whom do I apply for, Homestead and Disability Exemptions?

These are exemptions that enable you to reduce the taxable assessment (and accordingly your tax bill) of the home that you own and within which you live if you are over the age of 65 or are totally disabled. Please refer any questions regarding these exemptions to the Property Valuation Administrator’s Office at (270) 843-3268